Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott: Completely Broke! Again!

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The last time we checked in on reality TV's mist embarrassing couple, Tori Spelling had burned herself by falling on a grill at Benihana, while Dean McDermott presumably stood around helplessly with that famous doofy expression on his face.

Sources say Tori is recovering nicely and the incident wasn't as bad as the tabloids (Read: Tori and Dean's publicists) made it out to be.

Now it turns out the Spelling-McDermott's may have a bigger problem than a little seared Tori, as in addition to flesh, they're reportedly burning through piles of money.

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The newest issue of Star magazine includes a thorough report on Tori and Dean's finances. The tabloid claims the out-of-work couple is burning through more than a half a million dollars a year, despite the fact that they now have zero income.

"They're living off credit cards," says one insider. "Tori pays the minimum on the cards, so the bills keep doubling and tripling."

Star breaks down the Spelling-McDermott's finances thusly:

  • Groceries: $48,000
  • Medical expenses (including Benihana burns): $45,000
  • Private school for 3 kids: $37,000
  • Rent (not mortgage): $126,000
  • Dog walker: $26,000
  • Nannies: $126,000
  • Clothing: $36,000

That's a total of $594,000. Lot of cash for two unemployed people to be dropping on nannies and dog walkers, eh?

The couple's trainwreck reality show will not be back for a third season, and Dean was recently fired from Chopped: Canada.

The only income on the horizon is Dean's cookbook, which is due to hit stores this month. So yeah, Tori and Dean have a project to promote. If you were curious about why they're suddenly back in the tabloids again, wonder no longer.

Watch True Tori online at TV Fanatic to relive every awful moment and consequently feel better about your own life. 

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