Tyra Banks: Rebranding Herself as Futuristic Business Woman With Pixie Cut!

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Tyra Banks is changing it up with a chic pixie cut. 

Cutting your hair isn’t easy for a supermodel. One bad alteration could damage a career.

But Tyra said f*ck it, and chopped it all off.

Tyra Banks Pixie Cut

In an interview with People Magazine, Tyra explains what made her drastically change her look.

Banks says, “I come from the school of hardcore branding and if you are known for something keep that because that is what the public connects you with.”

She continues, “I had long, golden hair as a high-fashion model, and a Victoria’s Secret model and a Sports Illustrated model, and that’s how people know me. But great brands tweak their logos and change up their formula, and I said it’s time for me to do that.”

Posting photos of inspirational cuts on Instagram, it appears this may have been a tough choice for Banks.

But her mother's positive reaction suggests that she may have supported her daughter's decision.

“My mom keeps talking about my neck. She [mom] says, “They know you’ve got a neck now,” Banks shares.

We think Tyra looks fabulous with short hair. But Tyra is still getting used to it.

The supermodel and host of America’s Next Top Model says she feels “very exposed.”

However, that exposure is encouraging a new and improved version of Tyra.

According to Banks, the cut has forced her to “push those shoulders back” and change her style to outfits with “structure and angles.”

“Futuristic businesswoman is what I’m going for with this hair,” Banks explains. 

Using her hair for publicity is not a new strategy for Banks.  The last time her hair made the news, it was feeble attempt to connect with us regular folk.

After watching Tyra force tearful, young models to chop off their hair on episodes of ANTM, it is nice to see Tyra heed her own advice.

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