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Chicago police were recently called to the home of Jenny Peak, a 33-year-old woman beating herself senseless and ramming her head into a wall.

Jen did quite a number on herself too, as you can see in her mug shot:

Jenny Peak Mug Shot

A 911 call alerted police to Peak, who they found wailing on herself with a crowbar. Officers tried to calm her down, and she dropped the bludgeoning device.

Good news, right? Yes, but short-lived, as Peak’s attack on Peak shifted gears.

Jenny began slamming her head into the living room wall, and also proceeded to punch herself in the stomach and breasts, yelling “take that, p-ssy!”

Officers were finally able to subdue Peak, but not without the aid of a stun gun.

“She was determined to beat herself up,” an arresting officer said. “And she did. One of the worst beatings I’ve ever seen in my 20 years on the force.”

Judging by that mug shot, we don’t doubt it. But the story gets even weirder:

Apparently, Peak was not high on flakka like you might expect under the circumstances, but had simply accepted a $12 bet from her stepfather earlier.

The wager? That she couldn’t “kick her own ass.”

“I knew I could beat myself up even though I’m pretty tough,” Peak told police. “I wanted to really show him [stepfather] that I wasn’t afraid of myself.”

Mission accomplished and then some, Jenny.

Her stepfather, realizing that he lost fair and square, said he will pay her the $12, though he won’t cough up the estimated $4,000 in medical expenses.

In fact, he’s pressing charges. In addition multiple skull fractures and lost several teeth, she’ll be hurting from a pile of legal bills. The criminal charges?

Self-harm and destruction of private property.

An officer said, “She broke a coffee table, some Chinaware and put many holes in the walls. Her stepfather has pressed charges for felony property damage.”

Totally worth it though. She showed him!!