Rob Kardashian: Hooked on Crystal Meth, Source Claims

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Rob Kardashian's struggles have been making tabloid headlines for months, but now it seems the situation may be far worse than originally thought.

It all started when Rob bailed on Kim Kardashian's wedding almost a year ago, and the 28-year-old has been avoiding the spotlight as best he can ever since.

Naturally, Rob's Boo Radley routine has only led to increased speculation about what might be bothering him, and one theory that's often bandied about is drug addiction.

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We've heard reports that Rob is hooked on sizzurp or that he spends his days smoking weed and indulging his munchies, but now In Touch is taking things a step further by claiming that 

"Rob is hooked on crystal meth. He's a drug addict," a source tells the tabloid.

"His problems started because of his social anxiety. He began doing drugs to cope with everything, but now his problems are all magnified...He's in pain. He's a total mess."

Beverly Hills and massive weight gain are not things one generally associates with crystal meth, so we're gonna go ahead and call BS on this story.

Last week's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians featured talk of a family intervention, but it didn't seem as though anyone thought drugs were Rob's biggest problem.

No, it appears that a toxic combination of depression, low self-esteem and far too much media attention have laid Rob low. Sadly, there's no detox program for that.

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