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Earlier this week, we reported that Tom Cruise hasn’t seen his daughter Suri in almost a year.

Reps for Cruise have blamed his hectic work schedule for his lack of family time, but insiders say the father of three was recently in LA for two weeks between shoots and made no effort to contact his youngest.

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The recent HBO documentary Going Clear has sparked a renewed interest in Cruise’s association with the ever-controversial Church of Scientology, and now, many believe that the actor’s unwillingness to spend time with his own child is linked to his religious beliefs.

Several anonymous sources claim that Cruise is being controlled by Scientologist leaders, to the extent that he’s now convinced of the importance of keeping his distance from "suppressive persons"…like his 8-year-old daughter.

"Scientologists run Tom’s life," an insider says.

"They are obsessive, and he is brainwashed by them."

Another source claims Cruise "has minders with him at all times, and he’s rarely in touch with family members who aren’t Scientologists."

In the past, COS has been blamed for the split between Cruise and Katie Holmes, and insiders interviewed for Going Clear claim that the Church "helped to facilitate" the actor’s divorce from Nicole Kidman. 

Rumors about Cruise abandoning his daughter first surfaced in 2012, but never before has he been accused of going nearly a full year without any involvement in his daughter’s life.

Cruise has managed to make time for his other kids in recent weeks, leading many to believe that the 52-year-old falling star is mainly interested in cutting ties with Katie, and his relationship with Suri is just collateral damage.