11 Stars Who Have Conquered Cancer: Take That, Big C!

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Cancer has, sadly, been in the news an awful lot over the past couple weeks.

First, Angelina Jolie announced that she had her ovaries removed after undergoing a scare that, fortunately, did yield a positive result.

Then, Giuliana Rancic explained that she's very thin due to the medication she takes after having a double mastectomy in 2011.

And then, earlier today, Taylor Swift revealed that her mother has been diagnosed with a form of this horrible disease.

Our heart goes out to all of these stars and their families, but there are many reasons for them to remain hopeful.

In fact, we've listed 11 famous reasons in the photo gallery above.

These celebrities all did battle with cancer over the past few years... and each has lived to tell about it.

We salute these well-known survivors, as well as each and every cancer survivor across the world.

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