Nicholas Hoult and Dianna Agron: Dating?!

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Last we checked in on Nicholas Hoult, he was allegedly sleeping with Kristen Stewart and probably having his ego battered on a nightly basis by her super-chill responses to his most fervent lovemaking.

Now, Hoult has reportedly moved on to a slightly less stoic sex-mate in the form of Glee star/pretty blonde from a million straight-to-VOD releases, Dianna Agron.

Dianna Agron Fashion Week Photo
Nicholas Hoult Red Carpet Pic

Hoult lives in London, and Agron is currently in rehearsals for a West End play about Alexander McQueen. According to insiders, Hoult and Agron have been spotted hanging out and making non-platonic eyes at one another.

"They came in with each other and ordered some drinks," says a waiter at a London restaurant. "They sat down and had a conversation just like everyone else," the staffer said. "They seemed like they had a nice time, but we didn't see them kissing."

Sounds like wedding bells to us! 

In all likelihood, Nicholas and Dianna both seem to have serial-monogamist tendencies, and they're probably just having fun together. They both have decent careers, but they're probably better known for their love lives than their filmographies.

Dianna dated Alex Pettyfer for a while before moving on to a brief fling with Sebastian Stan.

Hoult, of course, dated Jennifer Lawrence for years before she moved on to whatever the hell it is she's doing with Chris Martin. 

What we're saying is, don't expect any C-list babies with perfect bone structures from this relationship.

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