Teresa Giudice: First Photo From Prison Covers Tabloid

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Ever since she was locked up back in January, we've heard mixed reports about Teresa Giudice's life behind bars.

Her husband, Joe, has been mostly silent on the subject, but he finally shared his thoughts on his wife's incarceration in an interview for the latest issue of Us Weekly.

The tabloid also features the first legitimate photo of Teresa in prison:

Teresa Giudice Prison Photo

"When you have four kids, you have to stay strong," Joe says. "I cry more than the girls. I pretty much cry every time we leave."

Sad stuff. Of course, this is still Joe Giudice we're talking about, so he has some cranky SOB tendencies are in full effect:

"She made us wait an hour to make her hair, to do her hair," Joe says of a recent visit. "So that as kind of annoying."

Joe says Teresa's job in the prison laundry room is no picnic, but other than that, her time in the big house has been surprisingly tolerable. She's even made some new friends!

"She's got a little group she hangs out with and does her thing with every day, and who she goes to the gym with and who she hangs our with, and who does her hair and nails, " says Joe. "They have their little thing going on every day."

And of course, Joe responds to the question that's everybody's minds: Will Teresa return to the Real Housewives of New Jersey after she finishes doing her time?

"The numbers would have to be really big in order for her to go back," Joe says. "So we'll see. As of right now, there's nothing."

Yes, Teresa is behind bars hanging out with friends, getting her hair and nails done, hitting the gym, and contemplating potential seven-figure business deals. So much for all that compassion we had for her situation!

Watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online to be reminded of the even cushier life that Teresa left behind.

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