Madonna Kisses Drake On Stage; Rapper Reacts in Priceless Fashion

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The stars came out in full force at the Coachella music fest over the weekend, and some of them even took the stage to perform!

Among the entertainers who did their thing for a crowd of stoned teens and bored celebrities were Drake and Madonna...and things got so awkward the entire Internet is cringing in horror this morning.

Apparently, Drizzy invited Madge on stage during his set. She sang a song from her new album and decided to start making out with the rapper without warning. 

What happened next is the stuff of viral video gold:

Not only is Drake's disgust written all over his face, if you listen closely, you can hear him saying, "Oh, sh-t. What the f-ck just happened?"

We wish we had an answer for you, Drizzy.

Madonna's been pulling out all the stops (including flirting with Justin Bieber on Ellen) to promote her first album in three years, but clearly Mr. Aubrey Drake Graham has no interest in being a pawn in her game.

We guess this clip oughta put to rest those rumors about Drake and Madonna hooking up.

If the guy can barely contain his vomit when he's on stage in front of tens of thousands of fans, we doubt he's going even further in private. 

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