Drake and Madonna: Hooking Up?!

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It seems like whenever Drake is the news, it's always for something embarrassing. 

Last week, we learned that Drake tried to bang Mia Khalifa, and the porn star revealed in an interview that he failed miserably.

Prior to that, Drake was hospitalized after fighting Puff Daddy. Yes, Drizzy had his ass so thoroughly whupped by a man 17 years his senior, that he wound up in the friggin' hospital.

Like we said, it's all pretty embarrassing stuff. But the latest Drake update might be the most cringe-worthy yet:

Drake Clippers Game Photo
Madonna in a Suit

Sources say Drake is banging Madonna. Yes, we're talking about the old enough to be his mother, white woman who drops n-bombs on Instagram Madonna.

We'd call this rumor too ridiculous to be true were it not Madge and Drizzy's flirty exchanges on social media that began earlier this week.

First, Drake posted a photo of Madonna with a caption reading, "I wanna ride with you." (Thank God for the "with.")

She replied, "Where to?" (Because she's totally down with the young kids' slang, y'all.)

He answered, "What if I pick you up from your house? We should get out?"

Never one to pass up young dudes and public attention, Madge replied, "I'm good with that!" and proceeded to tag Drake in various photos all night.

So yeah, Madonna and Drake are almost certainly banging. Their offspring would be the most desperate poser the world has ever seen.

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