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Happy National Sibling Day, brothers and sisters around the world!

This holiday, which apparently really does exist, serves as a precursor to the more balleyhooed Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, each of which will take place over the next couple months.

So while we spend plenty of time honoring the best celebrity dads and skewering the worst celebrity moms, we rarely stop and realize:

Wow. There are a lot of siblings totally killing it in Hollywood these days.

Some are the faces of blockbuster movie franchises. Others dominate the realm of reality television.

Others are more famous for being the offspring of someone truly famous, while at least one pair is well-known because the brother starred in the Kim Kardashian sex tape and the sister was involved in a fatal car accident.

But all these siblings share a common trait: they remain close through thick, through thin and through videotaped elevator assaults.

We honor their bond via the above photo gallery.