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It’s been seven years since Beyonce and Jay Z got married and in that time, they’ve given the world an adorable baby girl, a memorable concert tour and a forgettable collaborative song about drunk sex.

Needless to say, they’ve got a lot to celebrate, so it comes as no surprise that the First Couple of Hip Hop jetted off to a tropical paradise to mark the occasion.

What is a bit surprising is that Queen Bey and King Hova decided to celebrate peasant-style. Well okay, as peasant-y as you can be while vacationing at a Hawiian resort. 

Beyonce and Jay Z in Hawaii
Beyonce and Jay Z Pickup Truck Photo

This, folks, is why Jayonce trumps Kimye any day of the week. (This, and the fact that neither half of Jayonce got famous from banging Ray J.)

On the left, we have Bey chatting up a 9-year-old fan. (The girl later said that Mrs. Carter offered her advice for her upcoming school talent show performance.)

On the right, we have Jay throwing up a "hand loose" sign while riding in the back of a pickup for some reason.

If anyone in the music biz deserves a vacation, it’s these two. Jay just launched Tidal, a music-streaming service that’s received mixed reviews, but will no doubt end up netting him a tidy profit.

Not to be outdone, Beyonce released a surprise single on Tidal just a week later.

In addition to all that, the Carters are rumored to be working on a collaborative album that will probably be followed by another billion-dollar world tour.

So hopefully they enjoyed chatting with fellow tourists and riding in pickups while they had the chance.