Whitney Bischoff on Chris Soules: My Heart is Full! Positive Vibes Only!

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Rumors? Jealousy? Ha. Whitney Bischoff strongly hints in a new Instagram post that she and fiance Chris Soules are on solid ground, and then some.

Whitney Bischoff with Chris Soules

The Bachelor couple had to know that after the show, their lives would be scrutinized 'til the cows come home (farming reference only slightly intended).

Still, Soules has been torn apart left and right by one outrageous tabloid rumor after another, and fiancee Bischoff herself is often the center of controversy.

First, there were reports that Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff were broken up, and only faking it for the sake of maintaining The Bachelor's integrity.

Which would imply the show has that. A topic for another time.

Then there was talk that his former finacee (from his pre-Bachelor days) had somehow come between them, and that they were hitting a rough patch.

Now it's his relationship with Dancing With the Stars pro Witney Carson (yes, another Witney) in the crosshairs. Is Bischoff jealous of Witney Carson?

She does not seem like the type. Not whatsoever. But Chris is undoubtedly struggling with juggling the show and the two women in his life at the moment.

That's more than enough to make the rumor mill run wild, and it's got to be getting to them. So what's the future Mrs. Prince Farming gonna do about it?

Respond on social media the best way she knows how.

“Cozy Sunday’s with Chris Soules. My (heart) is full,” Whitney (Bischoff) revealed on her Instagram with this not so subtle message: “Positive vibes only.”

Case closed? It certainly seems like it, and until we see signs of trouble that are more concrete, well, it's time to move on to The Bachelorette spoilers.

Chris and Whitney are fine, as far as we're concerned.

According to sources cited by the Inquistir, Whitney's shirt tells you all you need to know when it comes to their romance. There is no trouble in paradise.

At least not yet. Will that continue? If they keep spending time together and prioritize each other during and after DWTS, we imagine their love will last.

What do you think? Will Chris and Whitney make it?

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