Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff: Broken Up Already?!

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That didn't take long. Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff are already broken up ... according to a new tabloid cover from an unreliable source, anyway.

Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff Over?

The Bachelor spoilers don't indicate anything of the sorts happened, but Life & Style claims Soules cheated on Whitney, and with her best friend!

On this week's finale, after he sent home Becca Tilley not really broken-hearted, Chris and Whitney finally made their public debut as a couple.

On the After The Final Rose live show, the pair who gushed about wanting to get married all season long said there was no wedding being planned.

Instead, they said, they just want to live as a “normal couple.”

Fair enough, but from Soules and Bischoff, this came as something of a surprise ... as is Chris going Dancing With the Stars starting next week.

This turn of events has raised a few red flags among card carrying members of Bachelor Nation, with some speculating that they've already split.

How you get from that to the tabloid cover above, proclaiming “Chris & Whitney Over Already: He Slept With Her Best Friend,” is beyond us, however.

The cover goes on to tease an inside story detailing how Whitney Bischoff came to realize that Chris Soules was just “using her for fame and money.”

Pretty hilarious assertion, given that Chris' family farm actually does extremely well, and Bischoff was the one dying to move in together with him there.

Chris has also been linked to former fiancee Sheena Schreck (yes, he was engaged before) since becoming The Bachelor, but that's likely B.S. too.

As for the Dancing With the Stars thing ... it did surprise us.

Sean Lowe did it too, however, and went on to marry Catherine Giudici and return to normal life not long afterward. So it's likely a one-off for Chris too.

Expect Whitney Bischoff to be in the ABC audience every week until Chris gets axed, even as rumors about the duo's demise continue to swirl.

Because that's just how things roll post-Bachelor, y'all.

You tell us: Will Chris and Whitney last?

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