FKA Twigs: Pregnant... In New Music Video

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BREAKING NEWS: FKA Twigs is pregnant!

But, no, the baby does not belong to Robert Pattinson.

Because the baby is not real. Rather, the British artist is simply pretending to have a rather significant baby bump in her official music video for "Glass & Patron."

Also directed by FKA Twigs, the footage features the singer rubbing her stomach before giving birth… to a long and colorful scarf, which she pulls from her womb as if her vagina is a top hat and she a magician.

Because, of course. We guess.

You sure know how to pick em, R. Patt!

Following FKA's unusual birth, the star breaks out some impressive dance moves.

Already in 2015, FKA Twigs has posed topless for V magazine... been suspended by ropes made to look like braided hair for the “Pendulum” music video... and posted a photo of herself on a chair outfitted with a woman’s giant breasts.

She and Pattinson, meanwhile, are reportedly getting VERY serious.

There's been talk of an engagement between the Twilight star and the singer, though we have one piece of advice for Robert if true:

Check the hood before you park your junk there... if you know what we mean. One apparently never knows what one will find inside FKA Twigs.

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