Tyga Shares Photo of Kylie Jenner, Confirms Romance

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Let the speculation end.

Because the sparks are clearly flying.

Following weeks of chatter, Tyga took to Instagram today and confirmed what most have speculated all along: yes, he is dating Kylie Jenner.

And, yes, it appears to be very serious.

Tyga Loves Kylie

The artist shared the above photo with followers today, writing of the young reality star:

"Certain things catch your eye, but only a few capture your heart."

Awww!!! That's sweet, we guess. It would be a lot sweeter, of course, if Tyga were not 25 and Kylie were not 17.

Such an age difference has led to a lot of controversy surrounding the couple, with Amber Rose saying Tyga ought to be ashamed of himself and Chris Brown saying he's cool with it.

Generally, of course, any time Chris Brown is cool with something... that should be cause for concern.

This picture and caption represent the first time Tyga has really confirmed he is banging Kim Kardashian's young half-sister.

He did, however, open up about his closeness with Jenner during a interview with 92.3 AMP Radio.

“Whether if I tell the world that I love her or I don’t, it’s gonna be me to dictate that, and how I want to keep my friendship and relationship with her,” he said at the time, adding:

“I feel it doesn’t matter what the world thinks. If you’re around somebody, and you love being around that person, that’s all that matters."

Again, it's a nice sentiment. But it's hard not to focus on the age of the stars involved.

At the very least, please let that Tyga-Kylie Jenner marriage rumor be anything but close to a reality.

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