Marriage Boot Camp Season 2 Episode 10 Recap: Who Got Engaged?

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On the season finale of WE tv's Marriage Boot Camp, we learned if the couples would leave the mansion in any better shape than when they arrived.

The results were mixed on Marriage Boot Camp Season 2 Episode 10, but for one couple, the show has played a key role in their happily ever after ...

If you watch Marriage Boot Camp online, you've seen crazy stuff like Reid Drescher hucking a fake leg in a faux fight with limb-tossing wife Aviva.

You've seen bickering, cajoling, beefing, and brouhahas. Full-on exorcisms of past demons and "Shocktagon" sessions filled with legit electric shocks.

You've watched Spencer Pratt lose his s--t so badly that he almost fought the show's host. And Heidi Montag nearly come to blows with Natalie Nunn.

It's been that kind of season, yet throughout the first nine weeks, there have been glimmers of hope for duos who tried hard to get into the process.

Picking up where last week dramatically left off, Marriage Boot Camp Season 2 Episode 10 began, the stakes were high, but one man rose to the occasion.

Tyson Apostol from Survivor finally got over the hump and proposed to Rachel Foulger, admitting that he'd been "selfish" up until this point in time.

"Rachel, for the last six and a half years I've focused way too much on what I want and my happiness," said Apostol during the finale's ring ceremony.

"From here on out, I want to focus on our happiness together."

"We had to go through this Marriage Boot Camp just to get that one on-the-knee proposal," says Foulger. "We did it. I'm walking away from this being engaged."

Apostol came on board because he had a hard time committing to Foulger, who had been pressuring him to get serious about the couple's romance.

Clearly he dragged his feet, but eventually got the message.

All the other couples chose to remain together at the ceremony as well. Even Heidi and Spencer, who actually decided to start trying for a baby this fall.

If that's not a ringing endorsement for the power of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, well, we don't know what is, and it's only going to get better.

Judging by this sneak peek of Kendra Wilkinson wilding out on Hank Baskett and others next season, fans are in for a treat when the series returns ...

The Situation, Aubrey O'Day, Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd are also among those who will join K-Dubs and Hank in the house. Should be tight.

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