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Yesterday, Kathy Griffin quit Fashion Police and broke the news to fans with a series of tweets explaining that she and the show’s producers simply had different ideas about what should be considered acceptable.

Griffin gave the impression that by stepping down, she was standing up for kindness and equality and a world in which differences would be celebrated rather than mocked.

Yes, Griffin’s reasons for quitting Fashion Police seemed totally out of character for an insult comic who idolized Joan Rivers, so it was no big surprise when TMZ broke the news that producers allowed Kathy to quit in order to spare her the embarrassment of being fired.

Earlier this week, Griffin bashed Giuliana Rancic for comments Rancic made about Zendaya Coleman’s hair that many have deemed racist.

Kathy’s target may have been Giuliana, but she essentially threw the whole show under the bus, complaining about ideas that were pitched by writers, such as a “Whore Score” segment which Griffin says she rejected for being too mean.

“Name calling and alliteration with no comedic context is simply the lowest hanging fruit,” said Griffin. Such comments struck many as oddly bitter, as Griffin publicly lobbied for a spot on the Fashion Police panel just a few months ago.

Insiders say Kathy attended a meeting in which producers informed her that they were considering firing her just hours before she tweeted her resignation.

A rep for Griffin claims that she’d been considering quitting for several weeks.