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On The Bachelor season finale, Chris Soules was forced to choose between Whitney Bischoff and Becca Tilley. To whom would he give his final rose?

Watch The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 12 Online
Watch The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 12 Online

It all came down to this on The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 12, the unforgettable conclusion, followed of course by the After the Final Rose special.

And unlike a year ago, the star did not leave Bachelor Nation disappointed.

Well, he might have disappointed you with his choice, but at least he proposed, and seems to love her, and is not a total asshat like Juan Pablo.

Yeah. The 33-year-old Chris had the bar set pretty low for him, didn’t he?

Anyway, we came into tonight with just two women remaining on this "journey," two beautiful and engaging young ladies yearning to be … well, engaged.

Would it be Becca Tilley, the 25-year-old virgin from Louisiana, whose inexperience in relationships (and life) gave Chris and his family pause?

Or would it be Whitney Bischoff, the 29-year-old fertility nurse from Chicago, whose eagerness to drop her career for a life in Iowa seemed too perfect?

There was only one final rose? Did Chris propose? Are they still together?

Well, let’s just say that The Bachelor spoilers were pretty spot on in 2015.

The longtime speculation regarding the winner was accurate, just as the details regarding the majority of the season and how we got to this point.

So who won and who lost out on a life in Arlington this evening?

After lots of (probably fake) hemming and hawing, Chris did some Soules searching (sorry) and made the decision that will change his life forever:

He proposed to Whitney Bischoff! And she said yes, people! OMG!!!!

Both women met his family, Whitney got the ring and Becca was sent packing after Chris tried to get her to open up and say she was in love with him.

Didn’t happen. Soules broke up with her with as much class as one can, then popped the question to Whitney. No last-minute drama or crazy development.

Standard final rose ceremony dumping and proposal … at least for now.

We were promised a big twist by host Chris Harrison on the After the Final Rose special, although Chris Harrison says that every single season.

Becca handled the breakup as well as anyone could, and may or may not be a cyborg with zero human emotions. The jury is still out on that.

Whitney and Chris then reunited on stage for the first time as a public couple, and seemed just as happy and in love as they were in his Iowa barn.

Almost as happy as Chris’ mom and dad. Those two are so darn cute.

So, THGers… hit the comments and vote in our survey below:

Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff: Will it last?

Oh, and ABC named Kaitlyn Bristowe The Bachelorette, as we told you a week ago … but Britt Nilsson was ALSO named The Bachelorette! What?!

Yes, for The First Time in Bachelor History, there will be a pair women in the starring role, with 25 eligible men competing for either … or both?

It’s unclear. But this Double Trouble be interesting, for sure!