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Talk about one bad EVEning on The Originals Season 2 Episode 15. Allow us to explain…

The latest installment of this CW drama found Marcel hiring a local psychic to help Rebekah learn a lot more about the body she now occupies.

Who did it belong to before? Why did two men try to kill her earlier because they believed her to be that other person?

Watch The Originals Season 2 Episode 15 Online
Watch The Originals Season 2 Episode 15 Online

Turns out, Rebekah took over the body of Eve St. Claire, a sinister witch who killed children to take their powers.

After subduing (but not killing) the psychic who tried to poison her inside Marcel’s apartment, Rebekah awoke to close the hour. Her eyes shot open and she was clearly not herself.

She found a young boy and a young woman on a rooftop. She identified herself as Eve… and she brutally murdered them both.

It looks like Eve is starting to rebel against the person who took over her body. YIKES.

Meanwhile, Elijah and Gia bonded with an elder witch. She agreed to let Eve into their custody, as long as their returned the body of Vincent, inside which Finn now resided.

Elijah agreed and Freya later helped with this cause, essentially knocking out her brother.

She told Klaus and Elijah that all she cared about was killing Dahlia, which is why she also woke up Mikael and sent him on a mission to help with this cause.

Can Freya be trusted? Can Mikael?!? (Of course not, but she may be able to control her monstrous father.)

Finally, as you’ll see when you watch The Originals online, Jackson and Hayley had sex for the first time, while Elijah also got it on with Gia and Klaus shared a drink with Aiden.

Unhappy with Jackson as leader of the werewolves (he doesn’t love taking orders), Klaus made a pitch to Aiden to take over this role.

Will he accept?

Let’s all tune in to The Originals Season 2 Episode 16 in order to find out.