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Back in January, Suge Knight killed a man in an alleged hit and run. Knight was arrested for murder and is currently locked up while awaiting trial. 

There were several witnesses to the incident, but conflicting testimony has made it unclear whether Suge was attacked (as he claims), or if the hip hop mogul simply ran over and killed Terry Carter as a result of his famously violent temper.

Now, TMZ has obtained footage of the incident, but the issue of what really happened that day is still being disputed.

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The above clip shows Suge arriving at a restaurant in Compton where Dr. Dre was filming a commercial for the NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton.

As soon as he pulls his truck into the parking lot, Suge is confronted by Cle "Bone" Sloane, who works on Dre’s security detail.

Lawyers for Knight claim that the footage shows Bone was carrying a gun, and that he attacked Suge through the driver’s side window.

Prosecutors are reportedly arguing that the clip supports their claim that Suge ran over Carter unprovoked.

It’s unclear from the video what actually went down, but it does seem to show Sloane holding a weapon.

Knight has claimed that he went to the restaurant to make peace with Dr. Dre following a confrontation earlier in the day.