Scott Disick: Caught Ditching Rehab to go Clubbing?!

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Following a particularly embarrassing bender, Scott Disick checked into rehab last week. 

Sources said the troubled reality star seemed genuinely committed to getting sober this time, and he sought out a treatment center in Costa Rica to help ensure that he wouldn't be tempted to skip out.

Unfortunately, it looks like Scott can run from temptation, but he can't hide.

Scott Disick on the Red Carpet

TMZ is reporting that Scott went clubbing with one of his bodyguards last night, just hours after checking out of the Rhythmia Life Advancement Center.

We already knew that Disick was bailing on rehab for the fifth time (!) after failing yet again to complete even one week of sobriety, but we figured he'd at least wait until he got home to get hammered.

Instead, Scott hit up Costa Rican hot spots Vertigo and Rogue, and despite the fact that it was Sunday night and he kept it low-key, he was still recognized by fans. 

Scott has a long history of ditching rehab, but as he just welcomed a third child and his baby mama has reportedly issued some stern warnings about his drinking, it initially seemed like this time might be different. Guess not.

Scott is expected to arrive back in Los Angeles this afternoon. No word on whether he'll be welcomed at the airport by Kourtney Kardashian, or if she'll make good on her promise to kick him to the curb.

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