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On Wednesday, Nick Gordon appeared on Dr. Phil for an interview that became an intervention once the TV doc realized that Gordon was severely intoxicated and in desperate need of help.

At one point, Gordon revealed that his kidneys hurt as a result of a marathon drinking binge that began when Bobbi Kristina Brown was first hospitalized.

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Now, sources say that while Gordon made several dramatic exaggerations over the course of his interview, he was actually downplaying the damage to his organs and that Phil and his team may have arrived just in time to save Gordon’s life.

"His kidneys were going into failure," says a source close to the show. "He would have been hospitalized if Dr. Phil had waited another day."

Phil stated that Gordon would be dead within a week if he didn’t check into rehab, and insiders with knowledge of Nick’s condition say that the assessment may have been accurate.

Gordon reportedly quit heroin and cocaine "cold turkey" when Bobbi Kristina was hospitalized. However, one insider says Nick drank "gallons of Jack Daniel’s" to cope with his pain and would go days without eating or drinking water.

A friend says that just one week after checking into rehab, Nick’s condition "looks promising."

Sadly, Bobbi Kristina remains in a medically induced coma, seven weeks after her near-drowning.