Cinderella Movie Reviews: Will You Have a Ball?

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Should you go see the live-action big screen version of Cinderella that opens in theaters nationwide today?

Yes, based on the following Cinderella movie reviews.

But should you go take your kids to it? Heavens no, based on the mature content included in this take on the beloved fairy tale.

Lily James as Cinderella

Based on the classic story by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, this spin on Cinderella isn't as harmless, fun and innocent as the cartoon you fell in love with as a child. Prepare for some serious dark stuff.

Still, it does star Cate Blanchett!

Here is a look at what critics are saying about Cinderella:

In being faithful to the traditional tale interpreted by Disney in their animated 1950 classic, this Cinderella is crisp escapist enjoyment. - Nathalie Atkinson

They aim for the heart, not the head. Darned if they don't pull it off. - Robert W. Butler

Cinderella doesn't tear down and rebuild the classic giving us something fresh, innovative, and unrecognizable. Kenneth Branagh does a tremendous job of adapting a well-trod narrative, however. - Roth Cornet

Gorgeous, elegant and wondrous, the new live-action Cinderella is a jewel in Disney's treasure trove. - Bruno Kirkland

For all its gossamer, gauze, filigree and refinement, "Cinderella" drags when it should skip as lightly as its title character when she's late getting home from the ball. - Ann Hornaday

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