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The highly-anticipated Nick Gordon-Dr. Phil McGraw interview finally aired today, and it contained a number of shocking moments.

Gordon behaved erratically. He laughed, cried, admitted to being drunk, and at one point, he screamed that he hates Bobby Brown

One of the most troubling proclamations, however, came before Nick even appeared on camera.

Sitting with Nick’s mother, Michelle Gordon, McGraw stated that he believes Nick will be dead within a week, unless he seeks immediate treatment for his addictions.

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Until now, the media has focused primarily on Bobbi Kristina’s near-drowning, which has left the 21-year-old comatose, almost seven weeks after it occurred.

Any talk of Gordon has revolved around the fact that he may be under investigation for attempted murder.

We still don’t know if there was foul play involved in the tragic incident that may cost Bobbi Kristina her life, but after today’s interview, one thing is certain – Nick is a deeply unstable young man who might pose as much of a danger to others as he clearly poses to himself.

Gordon has talked of suicide in recent weeks, and his addictions coupled with his obvious emotional distress could mean that he’s as much at risk as the woman he once claimed was his wife.

However, the fact that Gordon is in danger in his own right, does not mean that he didn’t play a direct role in Bobbi’s near-drowning.

In fact, the volatile behavior that Gordon displayed in his interview with Dr. Phil may make him more of a suspect in the eyes of investigators.

But while some members of Bobbi’s family may find solace in learning that Gordon is at fault, his bizarrely childlike behavior during today’s television appearance just serves as a sad reminder that whatever the outcome of this situation, it’s almost certain to be unspeakably tragic.