Nick Gordon on Dr. Phil: The Scariest Moments

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Nick Gordon sat for an interview with Dr. Phil this week. The interview was sometimes, sometimes scary, but always shocking.


1. "Drunk and On Drugs" Backstage

Before the interview, Nick was so severely inebriated that he couldn't stand under his own power. He told Dr. Phil that he had taken "two shots." He later admitted to being drunk, but "not on drugs"

2. Whitney Made Me Go to Rehab So She Wouldn't Be Alone!

Whitney Made Me Go to Rehab So She Wouldn't Be Alone!
One of the strangest allegations made by Gordon came early in the interview. When asked about his previous three stints in rehab, he claimed he had simply checked in so that he and Bobbi Kristina could keep Whitney Houston company while she sought treatment.

3. I Hate Bobby Brown!

Nick Gordon appeared on the March 11 episode of Dr. Phil. Watch him flip out over Bobby Brown in this teaser.

4. "You Sound Like You're on Xanax...Get to the Point"

"You Sound Like You're on Xanax...Get to the Point"
There were points in the interview during which Gordon became confrontational with Dr. Phil. He stated that Phil spoke as though he were on Xanax, and encouraged him to "get to the point" on more than one occasion.

5. Look at My Tattoos!

Look at My Tattoos!
At one point, Nick urged the cameramen to focus on his tattoos instead of on him. It was one of many bizarre moments throughout the interview.

6. Nick Storms Off Set

Nick Storms Off Set
Twice during the interview, Nick stormed off set. He was coaxed into returning to his seat both times, but he continued to complain of health problems such as panic attacks and kidney pain caused by alcohol abuse.

7. "I Lost the Most Legendary Singer...Don't Tell Me to Man Up!"

The above clip contains two of Gordon's strangest moments from his interview with Phil. First he laments losing "the most legendary singer ever" (a strange way to refer to one's adoptive mother), and then he becomes upset after being told to "man up."

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