Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick: Hanging By a Thread After Latest Rehab Exodus?

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They've been through rough patches many times before, but Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are really not in a good place these days, insiders say.

In fact, the parents of three small children are said to be "hanging by a thread" and on the verge of a split following The Lord's latest exodus from rehab.

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick Picture Together

As fans who read celebrity gossip, or watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians and its various spinoffs, know well, these two never seem to be happy.

Or at peace at least. It's always something, and that something typically pertains to his penchant for getting blackout drunk while she takes care of the kids.

Kardashian openly praised Disick's entering rehab following his latest bender just two weeks ago, believing this proactive step would “better their relationship."

How quickly things change. Scott bailed on the Costa Rica treatment facility not long at all after he checked in, and he left to go to a party no less.

No wonder Kourtney’s thinking of bailing on him as a result.

Rumors that he has already been banned from entering their Calabasas, Calif., mansion are false, as far as we know, but the way things are headed?

"Kourtney isn’t going to leave him right now," says a source close to the couple. "She’s standing by him, but their relationship is hanging by a thread."

"Scott isn’t any better ... he’s not taking sobriety seriously."

Ya think?! This isn't the first time the 31-year-old reality star hath flaked after claiming he'd quit the bottle and get it together ... or the second, or third.

At this point it's pretty much become a joke. Adds the insider:

“It’s heartbreaking for her because she can see how much pain he’s in, but it’s getting to the point where she doesn’t know how much more can she take."

Addiction is serious business, obviously, but the fact that he doesn't take his issues - or his partner's feelings - at all seriously is even more troubling to her.

Disick's apparent lack of effort, commitment and concern for the consequences of his actions is wearing thin after a decade of putting up with him.

Unlike the clearly troubled and depressed Rob Kardashian's refusal to get help, Scott seems to simply not want to change, no wonder how Kourtney feels.

The fact that he's already announced his latest paid appearance at 1Oak in Las Vegas Friday night tells you everything you need to know, honestly.

The question now is where they go from here. Is he ever going to change? Is she? Or will history keep repeating itself time after time after time?

Think Kourtney should bite the bullet and leave him? Would the prospect of actually losing his family and partner make him get it together at long last?

Hit the comments below to share your take on the situation ...

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