Harry Styles Cries On Stage: Will He Be Next to Quit One Direction?

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As you've no doubt heard by now, Zayn Malik quit One Direction yesterday in  a surprise announcement that devastated the band's millions of diehard fans.

His bandmates initial reactions suggested that Zayn is not exactly missed by the rest of One Direction, but it could be that the boys were simply instructed by their management team not to address the topic on Twitter.

We know that at least one of Zayn's friends is having a hard time with the loss of of 1/5 of the world's most popular band, and his distress could lead to the dissolution of the group.

Harry Styles broke down crying during a concert in Jakarta, Indonesia last night:

Clearly, Harry is struggling to cope with Zayn's departure after five years of constant touring and recording together.

But there could be even more to Styles' onstage breakdown. Several sources are reporting that Harry is planning to quit the band next, a move that would likely mean the end of One Direction.

"Harry has told his friends he wants to get into acting," a source tells E! News. "Harry has distanced himself from the rest of the band over the last year.

"He considers himself to be on a different path than the other boys. He certainly has hopes of doing solo stuff, branching out on his own, and so this might be the natural junction at which to do so."

Say it ain't so, Harry! If the Twitter reaction to Zayn quitting  was any indication, an actual One Direction breakup will almost certainly lead to the Apocalypse.

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