Rob Kardashian Refuses to Seek Help, Cuts Ties With Entire Family Except For Khloe

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On Sunday, Rob Kardashian compared Kim Kardashian to "the b-tch from Gone Girl" in a surprisingly hostile Instagram post.

At first, many assumed that Rob was simply making a lighthearted joke at his sister's expense, but now that several days have passed and the post has yet to be deleted or explained, it looks more and more as though there's some real bad blood between Rob and Kim.

Overweight Rob Kardashian
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The two siblings are reportedly not on speaking terms, though sources say the rest of Rob's family has grown deeply concerned and reached out to him several times to no avail.

Insiders claim the Kardashians have staged "multiple interventions" for Rob, and he has repeatedly refused to seek professional help.

Now, Rob has reportedly grown tired of hearing his mother and siblings express their concerns, and he has cut ties with all of his immediate family members, except for his big sister and BFF, Khloe.

"The only person helping Rob through this darkness is Khloe," a source tells Radar Online. "She has suggested that ROb see a mental health professional, but hasn't pushed him to do it, as Kris has done.

"The rise to fame and extreme wealth has taken a toll on the family, and has hit Rob the hardest. Wanting nothing to do with Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Rob thinks the show has been a jinx, citing the divorces of Bruce, Kris, Lamar, Khloe, Kim and Kris Humphries."

That's certainly a lot of divorces, but is it fair to blame it all on Kim?

Whatever the case, we seem to have confirmation that Rob remains on good terms with Khloe. At the moment, there are only two photos on Rob's Instagram page - the Kim-Amazing Amy comparison and a pic of Khloe's on-again, off-again boo, French Montana.

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