Keshia Miller: Is Michael Phelps' Alleged Mistress Trying to Sabotage the Swimmer's Reputation?

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As you've likely heard by now, Michael Phelps gets around.

Sure, Phelps just got engaged to Nicole Johnson last month, but that doesn't mean that his various girlfriends, friends-with-benefits, and so-called "side chicks" will be content to just quietly fade into his past.

Nicole Johnson with Michael Phelps

For several months now, an anonymous tipster has been sending THG detailed accounts of Phelps' low-key dalliances, and now that the world's most decorated Olympian is planning to get hitched, the information could well prove damaging.

First, we learned that Taylor Lianne Chandler still discusses graphic details of her time with the iconic swimmer (including Phelps' penis size) with another former hookup partners, known only as "Sally Smith."

Sally was forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement, but Taylor plans to go public with news of Phelps' many kinks and cruelties.

After that, our poolside informant (we call him Deep-End Throat) clued us in to a woman named Dana Shapiro. Shapiro says Phelps still sends her photos of his penis, and she's happy to share the dick pics on her public Instagram page.

We figured a trio of mistresses would be plenty to keep Phelps busy, but just this week, we were introduced to Keshia Miller. 

Miller has congratulated Phelps on his engagement and referred to Johnson as "his ride or die since day one," but she's also posted photos like the screen shot below:

Michael Phelps-Keshia Miller Text

Like the rest of Phelps mistresses, she doesn't seem to be after his money. Perhaps she just wants to offer a warning to Johnson or to convince the Olympian to acknowledge their affair.

Her motives are unclear, but she openly communicates with Chandler on Twitter, and we imagine Phelps is none too thrilled by the fact that so many of his former cheating partners are BFFs online.

Like Chandler and Shapiro, Miller seems happy to publicly discuss the details of her relationship with Phelps, so don't be surprised if he and Johnson wind up "splitting amicably" before they ever make it to the altar.

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