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Back in November, we told you about a middle-aged, inter-sex woman named Taylor Lianne Chandler and her relationship with Michael Phelps.

Sources informed us that Chandler was with Phelps on the night of his DUI arrest and had been spending a lot of time with the Olympian in the weeks leading up to his rehab stint.

As for whether or not Chandler was Phelps girlfriend – that’s a matter of debate.

Chandler claims that she was “more than a hookup,” but Phelps got back together with Nicole Johnson just days after leaving his treatment program, and he’s reportedly cut off all communication with Chandler and most of the other women in his life. 

We say “most,” because our source claims Phelps is cheating on Johnson with a variety of women…just not the ones who have proven problematic from a PR standpoint in the past. 

Needless to say, Chandler and the many other women who were involved with Phelps in recent months were less than pleased to find themselves unceremoniously kicked to the curb after he left rehab, and you can see the evidence of their frustration all over the conversation between Chandler and another one of Phelps’ former hookup partners that was sent to us by an anonymous tipster.

In the email we received, the other woman is identified by an alias – “Sally Smith.” She is supposedly a Baltimore-area dog walker who began a romantic relationship while working for Phelps, and who signed a confidentiality agreement during their affair.

Smith has apparently contacted Chandler on several occasions to discuss being hurt by Phelps. Their Facebook exchanges provide an interesting glimpse into the swimmer’s relationships and romantic preferences:

“The first time I had sex with him, I bled,” Chandler says of Phelps. There is a stain on the love sack to the left looking at it.”

“It’s kinda skinny, but long,” Smith replies. “Def not girthy. Funny you bled. I’m gonna look and see if he had the stain removed. If Nicole ever gets the F outta there!”

The “love sack” is apparently Phelps’ preferred sex spot. The women reference it several times, with Chandler remarking at one point, “That poor love sack has lived up to its name!” and Smith responding, “It’s gross how many of us have had sex on that thing.”

Both women say they were emotionally wounded by their relationships with Phelps. At one point, Chandler compares herself to the prostitutes that she says Phelps frequently patronizes.

“He has obviously hurt a lot of women,” Chandler says. “Sex workers know what they are getting, but to think your [sic] special and find out it was built on lies sucks.”

“It does hurt,” Smith agrees. “Very different than pay for play.”

Later in the conversation, Smith laments having signed the confidentiality agreement, as it prevents her from talking to the media about her relationship with Phelps.

Chandler signed no such document and clearly intends to take advantage of her situation:

“I’m going to continue doing TV and appearances,” she tells Smith. “I had my birthday party at a strip club. You think that was my choice? LOL I needed the money for the appearance…I say his name and bash him in almost every interview.”

The several-day exchange between Chandler and Smith ends with Chandler trying to enlist Smith in a hunt for a photo of Phelps’ penis:

“Thought we found the girl with the dick pic, but it was a fake profile,” Chandler says. “You don’t by chance have a dick pic that wouldn’t incriminate you or scandalous info?”

Looks like Ms. Chandler won’t be removed from Phelps’ life as easily as he had hoped.

Check out some of the text message exchanged between the former lovers in the gallery below: