Conrad Hilton Cops Plea Deal, May Face Six Months in Prison

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Last month, Conrad Hilton was arrested for an incident that took place over the summer in which he allegedly lashed out and threatened crew members during a flight from London to LA.

Hilton entered rehab after his arrest, reportedly in hopes of convincing a judge that he was serious about changing his ways.

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Now, it seems the tactic may have worked...kind of.

GQ is reporting that despite the severity of Hilton's "10-hour rage-a-thon" that nearly resulted in the flight being grounded, the 20-year-old brother of Paris and Nicki was able to reach a plea deal that comes with a very light sentence.

The maximum penalty that Conrad could face would be a six-month incarceration along with a supervised release and a $5,000 fine.

That may sound harsh, but considering an aggressive prosecutor could've tried Conrad as a terrorist and landed him behind bars for up to 25 years, we'd say the kid got off easy.

Many are outraged, as they feel that a less-white, less-privileged offender would've received a much tougher sentence.

Unfortunately, this just example number 4,567,891 of how being rich, white, and having the last name Hilton can make your life easier.

Conrad has reportedly expressed remorse for his crimes, but he's also publicly stated that he "would have killed" a flight attendant had he not been physically restrained.

Yeah, sure sounds like he learned his lesson.

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