Justin Bieber: Sued for $1 Million!

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In one of the commercials for his Comedy Central Roast, Justin Bieber gets egged, mocking the incident from last year in which he actually did throw eggs at his neighbor's house.

But the neighbor in question does not see the humor.

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According to TMZ, Jeff Schwartz believes he is entitled to a giant wad of cash because he’s become known solely as the dude Bieber vandalized.

He claims this has damaged his reputation in the car sales media software department.

Bieber settled a previous lawsuit with Schwartz and paid the victim $80,000.

But now Schwartz wants even more because he alleges Bieber verbally abused his wife and daughter while besmirching his good name.

Insiders say Schwartz demanded $1 million from Bieber’s people; got laughed out of the room; and has now filed a lawsuit to earn himself the money he deserves.

Bieber - who moved away from Schwartz in Calabasas last year - pled no contest to vandalism for the egging and was placed on two years probation.

He's currently on a path to redeem his reputation.

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