Joe Giudice: Cheating on Teresa With a Dozen Women or More, Source Claims

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Earlier this week, we reported that Joe Giudice was caught cheating on his imprisoned wife with a 30-year-old model named Jamie Jackson.

As more details emerged, the story got even uglier, with some sources claiming that Joe demeaned Jamie by treating her like a prostitute after their encounter.

Teresa Giudice Kisses Husband

Naturally, Joe denies cheating, and Teresa isn't really in a position to respond to the rumors (Most prisons don't allow inmates to host press conferences. Go figure.), but if there's any truth to the latest reports about Joe's infidelity, she might finally be ready to kick her philandering husband to the curb.

"Jamie is not the only girl out there," an insider tells Radar Online. "Joe probably has a dozen mistresses out there, if not more."

The source claims that Joe's cheating started well before Teresa got locked up, and he shows no signs of letting up now that he's solely responsible for the couple's four daughters.

"Joe is always going out and is rarely home," says the insider. "He loves to go out and drink, and party and he's always hanging around with different women. Joe has never changed his ways, and Joe will never change - ever."

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