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Jeremy Renner and estranged wife Sonni Pacheco were already in the midst of the one of the uglier celebrity splits and custody battles in recent memory.

It just got even nastier, too. According to new legal documents filed by the actor, Pacheco tried to extort him by threatening to leak intimate videos.

Jeremy Renner, Sonni Pacheco

Jeremy Renner and Sonni Pacheco split up in December, and he says she’s threatened him not to renege on his promise to help her get a green card.

Renner claims she has admitted repeatedly to marrying him for a green card and financial stability, and is willing to go to extreme lengths to get both.

Should he fail to pony up ample child support and do what he can to keep her in the U.S., she supposedly told her roommate, she’ll leak the videos.

Of what, it’s not clear, but what’s deniable is that Renner is in the middle of a bitter child custody fight just months after their secret marriage was revealed.

Their nearly two-year-old daughter Ava is caught in the middle of Sonni Pacheco’s quest for primary custody and more than $13,000 a month in child support.

Jeremy, who has been sharing custody 50-50 since they split up in December, says there have been plenty of cases of bad parenting on her part.

The worst? Allegedly, she left Ava home last year for 15 minutes, taking an Uber to a party and not checking to see if someone was home to watch her.

Her roommate also filed a declaration stating that Sonni smokes and drinks and stopped breastfeeding because she felt guilty about drinking alcohol.

Sonni also allegedly did coke on vacation right after Ava was born. She has not yet responded to Renner’s latest legal salvo, but if all that’s true … wow.