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Jeremy Renner and wife Sonni Pacheco are the latest entrants to the last minute rush of 2014 celebrity break-ups, ending their union of a whole 10 months.

Sonni, apparently, is the one who wants out, and hard.

When few people even know you got married by the time you call it quits, either you keep your personal life very private or it was a really short union.

In this case, it was a little from Columns A and B.

Pacheco filed divorce papers, citing irreconcilable differences … and demanding he return her stolen passport, birth certificate and Social Security card.

Yeah. Amicable, this is not, it sounds like.

Intensely and unabashedly private, Jeremy Renner and Sonni Pacheco married in secret earlier this year, and only admitted it publicly in September.

Things clearly went south in a hurry.

Pacheco says the two have a prenuptial agreement, but says it should be torn up, since it was based on fraud. Sonni did not elaborate on the alleged fraud.

She is asking for spousal support and custody of their one-year-old daughter, Ava Berlin, use of their Range Rover, along with rent and moving expenses.

Yeah. Gonna be ugly for Jer.

At 10 months, these two made it longer than some celebrity couples, but are still in the top (bottom?) tier of our shortest celebrity marriages in history …