Jenelle Evans Custody Battle: Will Nathan Griffith Drama Doom Her Chances?

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Jenelle Evans is fighting for custody of her son with her mother Barbara, and you have to wonder if her fiance's recent arrest just torpedoed her chances.

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The Teen Mom 2 star reportedly doesn't think Nathan Griffith's arrest for domestic violence will hurt her chances in the legal process. We're not so sure.

Her son Jace, who is now five years old, has been in the custody of Barbara Evans ever since he was a baby and Jenelle was in peak train wreck mode.

Jenelle and Nathan have custody of their son, Kaiser, but Jace has been under Babs' legal guardianship this whole time. She's looking to change that.

For a time, it appeared she was on the right track.

Nathan and Jenelle showed they could take care of a baby of their own after she gave birth last year, and even got engaged just two months ago.

Then the wheels came off in epic fashion.

Not long after the engagement, they hit a rough patch. Jenelle wished death on Nathan's brother during an ugly incident that captured in a viral video.

Shortly after that, Nathan was flirting with actress Stevie Ryan and trashing Jenelle (who he may have cheated on) in a series of tweets that also leaked.

Then came Griffith's arrest for domestic violence following an altercation with Jenelle, who was also arrested on unrelated charges earlier this month.

Still, “Jenelle really believes that she is the best parent for Jace to have,” the source said, even if Barbara strongly disagrees with her on this point.

“She lectures Jenelle as always about how she should stay single and not go back to Nathan,” the source said, so the recent drama isn't likely to help.

The source said that Griffith’s domestic violence arrest “was blown out of proportion,” and "as long as no other incidents occur," Jenelle has a shot.

Maybe so, but that's a BIG if, and Barbara would likely have to concede Jenelle Evans' point that she's the best caretaker ... which seems iffy at best.

The judge’s no-contact order is set to be lifted so the couple, who have been apart for two weeks, can see each other again and raise their baby Kaiser.

Are they getting back together? Would that actually be worse, given their propensity for insanity? And what do you think Babs is thinking right now?!

Hit the comments and let us know ...

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