Diplo Talks Taylor Swift Feud: Her Fans Are Scary!

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Back in November, Diplo insulted Taylor Swift's "booty" on Twitter and all hell broke loose.

As you might know, Taylor has an enthusiastic fan or two online, and like Beyonce's Bey Hive, Swifties will go into full-blown assault mode when someone disses their queen. It's a lesson Diplo learned the hard way:

Diplo and Taylor Swift

"It's like an army that's worse than North Korea," the DJ and producer told GQ recently. "All I know is, don't ever get into a feud with Taylor Swift. She has like 50 million people that will die for her."

The North Korea comparison is unlikely to gain him the favor of many Swifties, but hey - maybe they'll take it as a compliment. Does that mean Taylor is like Kim Jong-Un with way better hair?

Anyway, Diplo didn't go into specifics about what kind of abuse he suffered at the hands of Swift fans, but he does say that he deeply regrets ever pissing them off.

"You can't step into that arena," he says. "That was something I was never prepared for. One of the biggest mistakes of my career was definitely f--king with her."

The man seems genuinely remorseful, but it's worth noting that at the time of the feud, Diplo was dating Katy Perry, who has a longstanding feud with Taylor.

They've since broken up, so it's possible that Diplo's pseudo-apology has nothing to do with Taylor or her fans.

One of the celebs who rushed to Taylor's defense was friend and fellow songstress Lorde. At the time, Diplo dismissed Lorde as a "high school student," but he now seems to regret that comment as well:

"I didn't go after Lorde because she's a young girl and my friend and the one person I kept it cool with," Diplo says.

We could point out that he totally did go after Lorde, but why not let sleeping dogs lie?

It Taylor can hang with Diplo at the Grammys, we suppose we can let him off the hook too.

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