Diplo Disses Taylor Swift's "Booty," Lorde Responds With Epic "Tiny Penis" Burn

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Lorde has already made the pop music landscape a far more just and entertaining place, and now it seems she's doing the same for Twitter.

Last night, DJ, producer, and all-around douche nozzle Diplo tweeted, "Get Taylor Swift a booty," along with a link to a Go Fund Me page dedicated to surgically enhancing the singer's backside.

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Taylor Swift and Olivia Benson
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Lorde - who makes up one half of the awesomely-titled BFF duo Lorde & Taylor - quickly responded, "Should we do something about your tiny penis while we're at it?"

Presumably, Diplo is now icing his genitals after receiving fourth degree burns to 110% of his junk.

Lorde has described Swift as her "role model" and has been an outspoken critic of online bullying. So let that be a lesson to any other celebs planning an online T-Swift diss: the wrath of the Lorde is swift and harsh.

Of course at the end of the day, living well is the best revenge, and both Lorde and Taylor have Diplo decisively beat in that department.

Taylor's new album became the top-seller of the year just days after its release, and the Lorde-produced Mockingjay: Part 1 soundtrack is already a hit with critics and audiences alike.

Conversely, Diplo is best known for dating Katy Perry.

And now, of course, for having a tiny penis.

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