Cindy Crawford Claims "Unphotoshopped" Pic is Fake! See the Sexy Evidence Now!

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Last month, an "unphotoshopped" pic of Cindy Crawford leaked on Twitter and instantly went viral.

The photo was allegedly an un-retouched original from an ad campaign the iconic model posed for in 2013.

As the pic circulated on social media, many praised the 49-year-old mother of two for sharing her (very minor) flaws with the world.

Now, however, Crawford claims that contrary to previous claims, the pic was indeed make her look worse!

Yes, TMZ is reporting that the photographer who took the pic has filed court papers claiming that the image was stolen from him and altered to make Cindy look older and more out of shape.

Crawford is reportedly backing the claim, and one needs only to visit her husband's Instagram page to see that there might be some truth in what she says: 

Cindy Crawford: No Photoshop
Cindy Crawford Bikini Pic

Yes, a photo of Cindy went viral, people praised her for looking good, and she was all like, "Nah, y'all, I look way hotter than that. BOOM!"

If she were anyone else, we might accuse her of narcissism, but you don't get to be one of the most-recognized supermodels in the world without protecting your brand, and in Cindy's case, her brand is her famously flawless figure.

Yes, even though Cindy's daughter is a model these days, the original Ms. Crawford is still smoking hot and she wants the world to know it. Further proof that 49 is the new 19. 

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