Chris Brown: Threatening to "Sue the F--k" Out of Oprah Over Karrueche Tran Interview?!

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Chris Brown is threatening to sue Oprah Winfrey and her network over an interview with Karrueche Tran, according to a celebrity gossip site MediaTakeOut.

Is he really, though? What legal grounds would he possibly have?

Sources quoted by the site claim that Brown is “fighting back” against a “slander piece” planned by his ex Karrueche and OWN interviewer Iyanla Vanzant.

It's so bad he wants to “sue the sh!t” out of Oprah. Supposedly:

“We spoke to a member of Chris Brown’s team who told us yesterday Chris Brown’s ATTORNEY fired off a CEASE AND DESIST letter to Oprah Winfrey."

(Chris' legal team must be a very, very busy crew. Just saying.)

The letter, according to MTO, "basically says they can NOT slander his name, or try and USE HIS NAME OR LIKENESS in their show, without his CONSENT.”

MediaTakeOut loves CAPS LOCK almost as much as Chris and Karrueche like breaking up and making up. But that doesn't make it any more true.

Let's recap exactly how we got to this point really quick here:

The couple recently broke up after Chris Brown fathered a baby girl with Nia Amey, a model friend of his, and Tran found out only when we all did.

Karrueche dumped him and has been flaunting her bikini body left and right, presumably to show Chris and/or other men what they could be caressing.

Upon seeing some of her racy Instagram booty shots, Chris warned Karrueche not to be a hoe just 'cause she's pissed off. Tran has yet to respond.

Also, Chris Brown's baby is named Royalty. Yes, Royalty.

Now then. Tran and Vanzant did sit down for an interview, and Vanzant did upset Tran with persistent questioning about her relationship with Brown.

Understandably so, as their relationship was beyond complicated (that's as nicely as we could put it). But there's still no threat of any lawsuit here.

“OOOOH it’s about to go DOWN!!!” MTO says. (It's not.)

The site's sources say Chris' lawsuit threats “not [an empty threat] at all, we will sue the F--K outta Oprah, OWN or whoever, if they slander Chris.”

"Instead of handling the way he USUALLY DOES SO – by BLACKING OUT on Instagram ... he’s going to handle everything PROPERLY and LEGALLY.”

They did get the blacking out part right at least. Due credit.

Funny as it is to read, or to think up this stuff if you work for MediaTakeOut, a rep for Brown told Gossip Cop this is not true in the least. Case closed.

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