17 Best Vanderpump Rules GIFs: Shots, Slaps, and Tips on SURvival

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Sadly, Vanderpump Rules Season 3 comes to an end on Monday.

The 18-episode outing was not only the show's longest season to date, it was arguably its most memorable, as well.

We had the Jax Taylor gay rumors; Stassi moving back to LA (apparently to be a full-time drunk); Scheana Marie's wedding; and, of course, Kristen Doute going full-blown batsh-t insane over Tom Sandoval's relationship with Ariana.

If nothing else, this season proved that the wannabe models on the SUR staff can hold their own with the drunkest of Housewives when it comes to bringing drama.

Mere quotes can't do these people justice (Though this season had plenty of gems such as, "Today I found out [Jax] doesn't know how many days are in a year."), so we thought we'd celebrate the season finale with a collection of Vanderpump's greatest GIFs.

Hope ya like physical violence!

Yes, Stassi smacking the smirk of Kristen's face might be the best thing that ever happened in human history, but that's not the only epic moment that the Internet Gods have immortalized in GIF form.

So click through the gallery above for all the threats, odes to alcohol, and epic insults that have made us fall in love with Lisa Vanderpump's crew of loose cannons.

Who knows? You may you even pick up some smooth lines to try out at the club next weekend. Take this gem for example:

Jax Taylor: True Romantic

And as always, you can watch Vanderpump Rules online for more boozy poetry.

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