The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 10 Recap: Who Died?!

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Jane and company sprung into action in The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 10 after an armed robbery resulted in the shooting of one of their own.

After a crew of three men rob an armored car of $600,000, the FBI quickly responds on The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 10. But quickly enough?

Jane discovers that the robbers' inside man works at the bank where they were delivering the money. He won’t talk, but Wiley has another idea.

He is able to track the insider's recent locations from his phone, which Cho and Vega investigate. Meanwhile, Wiley asks Vega out on a date.

She says yes. But if you watch The Mentalist online, you will soon see this was foreshadowing for the shocking turn of events about to unfold.

At a diner, Vega spots two of the robbers; Cho tries to stop them from escaping, but weapons are drawn and the third man pulls out his gun to open fire.

Vega is killed in the hail of bullets.

The team is beyond crushed, none more so than Cho, who must notify her next of kin. And of course, there is still the matter of the case to be solved.

When local police try to apprehend one of the suspects after he had escaped Cho, he takes a hostage and flees again. But the cops are on the trail.

The pursuit leads to a suburban home where the criminals now have two hostages; Jane wants to play head games and try to turn them on each other.

Cho and Abbott opt to go with SWAT, however, and when Jane sees Lisbon is about to enter as well, he goes in and secures the hostages' release.

With one robber wounded, Jane succeeds in getting the other two to turn on each other, and just as they open fire, SWAT takes them both out.

After Vega’s funeral, Jane tells Teresa that he's done working with the FBI. He can no longer do it, and she can either join him or not, but he is out.

Do you believe him?

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