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From the moment we learned that Amber Rose had filed for divorce from Wiz Khalifa, we assumed the split would get messy.

The couple had been married just over a year; there were accusations of infidelity on both sides; and – perhaps the biggest red flag of all – Amber requested sole custody of her and Wiz’ one-year-old son, Sebastian.

We learned today that Amber will receive $1 million under the terms of the couple’s prenup, but sources close to the proceedings say the fight between the soon-to-be exes is just getting started.

Wiz has refused to agree to Amber’s custody arrangement (which would limit him to visitation rights), and is said to be challenging her for joint custody.

He’ll probably get his wish, as in most California court cases, shared custody is generally considered to be in the child’s best interest, unless one party can prove that the other is an unfit parent.

Requests for sole custody are often taken as acts of revenge, and that’s widely believed to be the case with Amber. But if she’s sitting on some damaging information about Wiz’ parenting, things could quickly get even messier than they already are.

Rose has accused Khalifa of cheating, but that’s hardly enough to strip him of parental rights.

Khalifa is clearly determined to remain in his son’s life, as the custody issue is the only matter on which he’s fighting Rose. In addition to the lump sum $1 million payment, Khalifa has agreed to pay Rose $5,000 a month in child support.