Jim Cantore Witnesses Thundersnow, FLIPS THE EFF OUT

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Ladies and gentlemen, it... has.... HAPPENED!!!!!

While most people in Massachusetts are very sick and even more tired of the record snowfall that has hit the state this winter, weatherman Jim Cantore feels a bit differently in the following clip.

Big. Time.

Covering the region's latest blizzard Sunday for The Weather Channel, Cantore bears witness to phenomenon known as "thundersnow" - and goes totally insane over it.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Cantore screams on camera. "We got it, baby!"

This was the fifth time Cantore had captured a thundersnow on film, something he made note by exclaiming: "That's number five, baby!"

Weathermen have been going viral for months now.

Recently, one reporter got attacked by a dog on set; while another bragged about his nine-inch penis. You never know what the next day will bring.

As for Cantore, he's the man. The man you don't wanna mess with when he is in the meteorological zone, as this moron found out the hard way ...

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