The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 9 Recap: Chris Soules Sees Jade Roper Nude (Kind of), Picks Final Three!

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On The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 9, Chris Soules eliminated two wannabe contenders and chose four lucky girls to go on hometown dates with.

A night earlier, we saw six women all travel with Chris to his native Iowa as he sought to find out who was serious about living with him in God's Country.

Follow the link for The Bachelor spoilers to see who (supposedly) earns Chris' final rose this season, and find out if they're still together as of this moment.

Then check out our recap of last night's drama below ...

Monday, the axe fell on three ladies who didn't pass muster, while small town sweetheart Jade Roper finally revealed her Playboy past to Prince Farming.

Who's in, who's out, and what went down on the ABC reality hit?

Picking up where The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 8 left off, Britt Nilsson was flipping out about Kaitlyn Bristowe getting a rose and a hometown date.

Would she turn things around on The Bachelor Season 9 Episode 19? Or would the one-time frontrunner be sent to the front of the line ... at the airport?

The latter. After Sunday's meltdown, Britt apparently realized she wasn't the only pretty girl in competition for Chris Soules' heart. On THE BACHELOR.

As such, she decided to bail rather than risk being rejected ... then when he nixed the cocktail party, raced to give Chris one last chance to beg her to stay.

He didn't. On the contrary, he all but sent her packing.

Soules politely but firmly took her to task for creating this "really tough position," and wasn't having any of her attempts to throw Carly under the bus, either.

"The way you reacted and disrespected myself and everyone around you was something that I don't want for a wife," Chris said, and walked her out.

Carly clearly relished in Britt Nilsson's squirming, cringing, departure ... for about two minutes, until she was cut at the rose ceremony. Karma. It will get you.

Keep squirming, Carly. She got cut during the rose ceremony. (And that, ladies, is the karmic punishment you receive for treating other women awfully.)

That meant Jade, Kaitlyn, Whitney and Becca received the coveted hometown dates, and we'll begin with the latter, who took him home to Louisiana.

Long story short, her family's reaction to her bringing home a man, let alone a camera crew, was so awkward Chris may never want to return there.

She still hadn't told him that she's a virgin, even though there were many hints dropped and it's really not that big of a deal. But she loves ferris wheels.

Like, loves ferris wheels. When you've never had sex ...

Anyway, Becca Tilley has company in Whitney Bischoff, whose family seemed equally surprised and thrown off by the fact that Chris was with her.

Did these girls' families not know where they were?

Chris wanted Whitney's sister's approval, should he decide to propose, but Kimberly wasn't having it unless she knew Whit was the only one for him.

Whitney dropped the L-bomb on him later on.

It was a little disappointing for us that Kaitlyn Bristowe took Chris to Phoenix, Arizona, and not her native Canada, but her family clear has the right idea.

Winter in Arizona vs. Alberta? We get it.

For some reason, Kaitlyn decided to bring Chris to a recording studio, where they recorded a rap song. Was this storyline left over from 4-5 weeks ago?

Kaitlyn's parents gave Chris the standard, Bachelor parents treatment, welcoming them but expressing trepidation that their little girl will get heartbroken.

Now for the main event. Jade Roper.

One of her brothers called her a "wild mustang," which puzzled Chris, who only knows the shy, soft-spoken version of Jade that she's shown us this season.

Not Playboy Jade, in other words.

She finally came clean about her nude modeling past, even firing up her computer to show him the photos, which must have been incredibly odd for him.

Chris' giggle made an appearance, and it's hard to blame him in this case, as you don't end up in a situation like this often - while being filmed no less.

Not surprisingly, he understood.

Soules admitted that he would "never have expected this to be a part of her past," but told her, in typical fashion, that "I judge you for the person you are."

"You are a beautiful woman, and it's not something I feel would affect our relationship in any way. I know you for who you are as a person, and I respect you."

"I'm looking to fall in love with a person," he told the brunette beauty, "not their career or certain things they've done in their past they might not be proud of."

Unfortunately for Jade, it wasn't enough to save her at the rose ceremony, as Whitney, Becca and Kaitlyn all got roses, with the Wild Mustang cut loose.

Did Chris make the right decision by eliminating Jade, Britt and Carly? And do you think Jade Roper's Playboy spread really had nothing to do with it?

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