Britt Nilsson: The Best Hugger EVER, Chris Soules Gushes!

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Britt Nilsson is someone to keep your eye on this season on The Bachelor, having walked away with Chris Soules' "first impression" rose last night.

You wouldn't expect a waitress from Hollywood to catch Chris' eye like she did, and who knows if it'll last (see The Bachelor spoilers for more on that).

The farmer from Arlington, Iowa, was undoubtedly smitten with her on Monday's premiere, though, and not just because she's gorgeous. And a hugger.

Okay, those were the main reasons. But good ones!

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Chris The Bachelor

"When that first limo pulled up, I took some deep breaths and tried to settle my nerves. The hug from Britt definitely helped," Chris blogged on People.

"And yes, it really did seem to last forever," he adds, "but I can't put the hug only on Britt. The truth is that I really am a hugger. Always have been."

"Turns out so is Britt. Put two huggers together and what do you get? Yep, the longest televised hug in history. It really was a nice moment we shared."

"Ultimately, I gave the first impression rose to Britt."

"She not only gave me the best hug of my entire life," he reiterates, "but also made me feel comfortable on what was a pretty stressful evening."

"I think it helped put both of us at ease."

Chris may not have looked at ease during The Bachelor season premiere - in fact, he looked pretty darn nervous - but he sure cleaned up well.

He credited the show's stylist for that, and his friend and former Bachelorette co-star Cody Sattler for getting him into insane shape prior to last night.

"I needed to look good for these women," he writes. "I've seen the show enough to know that every once in a while, the Bachelor takes his shirt off!"

"Having Cody train me was an experience," Chris adds. "He would wake me up every morning, jumping around my room and playing crazy music."

"A few minutes later, he and I would begin our first workout of the day. Within a week, I could feel and see the difference. I was ready, at least physically."

"As that first night approached, the more nervous and excited I got. How could I not be, knowing there was a chance I could be meeting my future wife?!"

"That said, none of it felt real until that first limo pulled in ... when I saw the headlights of that first limo, I knew they were stuck with me, for better or for worse."

"While some [women] were more memorable than others, all of them were drop-dead gorgeous. I couldn't believe how lucky I was to be getting to meet them."

"On the other hand," he notes, "I couldn't believe how unlucky I was knowing I was going to have to send some of them home at the end of the night.

As for the aspiring wives that really stood out?

"Talking to Whitney was definitely a highlight," Chris Soules says, "as was finding Amanda, my secret admirer. And they kept coming and coming!"

And the drunken elephant in the room?

"As I handed out the roses, I started noticing Tara. I could tell she was a little shaky on her feet and that she had probably had a few too many drinks."

"I must admit it was a little disappointing to see her so out of it, but I'm no choir boy, and I'm the first person to admit that we all make mistakes."

"Tara also seemed fun and cool, someone I wanted to get to know better," he says of Tara's second chance. "Ultimately, I gave her a rose, and I don't regret it."

"That was the end of one unforgettable night. Or so I thought! Kimberly pulled me aside for one more conversation. Did she really ask for a second chance?"

"And if so, did I give it to her?"

With that, Prince Farming's inaugural blog post ends with a cliffhanger, much like the show itself. He sure seems to be getting the hang of this.

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