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As you’ve probably heard by now, both Joe and Teresa Giudice were convicted of fraud and sentenced to federal prison back in March.

Teresa is serving her sentence now, while the court has allowed Joe to serve his 41 months after she gets released, so that one of them will always be able to care for their four children.

It’s previously been reported that Teresa is being targeted by other inmates who feel that she and her family are receiving preferential treatment. Now, a credible source on the subject is saying that they may be right to think so.

“This type of arrangement is practically unheard of,” says former Danbury Correctional inmate Beatrice Coddiani, when asked about the scheduling of Joe and Teresa’s sentences.

“Most of the time, when there are people like Teresa and Joe, a married couple convicted of committing a federal crime, they would have to go in at the same time.”

“This is a special and extremely unusual arrangement and it was given to them not because of their kids, but more because they are famous.”

“Usually you both go. If you don’t have anyone taking care of the kids, they would go into foster care and after 17 months, they would be put up for adoption.”

Coddiani says Teresa is probably locked up with women whose children became custody of the state during their sentences.

So maybe she shouldn’t take it personally if they’re a bit bitter that Teresa is getting some major perks, all because she spent a few years throwing temper tantrums on Bravo.

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