Teresa Giudice Will Be "Targeted" By Other Inmates, Source Says

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Early this morning, Teresa Giudice reported to prison to begin serving a 15-month sentence for several counts of fraud.

Teresa will be doing her time at Danbury Federal Correctional Institute - the prison made famous as the setting for the acclaimed Netflix series Orange is the New Black.

Teresa Giudice the Felon

While Teresa has already made the prison's Wikipedia page as one of its "notable inmates" (along with Lauryn Hill and Leona Helmsley!) she may find that her fellow cons aren't terribly impressed by her celebrity status. 

"When you come into a prison in a high profile situation, it makes you a target," says Jody "Babydol" Gibson, a former Hollywood madam who served 22-months following a highly-publicized trial.

"She will have to learn how to spend a lot of her time alone. The other inmates all will know she is famous, and the way that it works in prison is that if you take out someone who is famous, then you become famous too."

"To the prisoners, she is their lifeline and will represent all the outside world and all the things they cannot have."

Usually, when celebs get locked up, they're aided by their sizable bank accounts. Even though cash isn't allowed in prisons, the promise of a wire transfer to a fellow inmate's family can purchase some much-needed protection.

Unfortunately, Teresa's multi-million dollar debt has been making headlines for months, which means most of the inmates are likely aware that she's famous but broke.

Teresa was originally set to serve her time at a cushy Virginia facility affectionately referred to as "Camp Cupcake," but asked to be re-assigned so that she could be closer to her family.

We're guessing she began to regret that decision around lunch time today.

Watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online to see Teresa living the good life in happier times.

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