Taylor Swift Sits Next to Sarah Palin, Doesn't Look Thrilled About It

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In one of the many sketches to air last night on NBC during its Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary spectacular, Bradley Cooper kissed Betty White.

Incredibly, however, this was NOT the most awkward moment to occur during the telecast.

No, that honor fell instead to the time cameras caught Taylor Swift sitting alongside Sarah Palin... and looking none too thrilled about the seating arrangement.

Taylor Swift and Sarah Palin

The snapshot taken above took place during an audience question and answer segment hosted by Jerry Seinfeld.

Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson (not pictured) is standing behind Swift and Palin, speaking to the comedian and, to be fair, Swift is likely just watching her do so on a monitor in front of the stands.

But still. She isn't exactly doing so with a smile on her face, is she?

Let's take a look at the segment in its entirety:

Swift and Palin were just two of MANY A-Listers who attended this Saturday Night Live special.

Among other memorable moments from the three and a half hours, Will Ferrell brought back his take on Alex Trebek for Celebrity Jeopardy, while Swift likely forgot all about her Palin non-interaction not long after the show ended...

... because she got to sing Shake It Off with Paul McCartney at an after-party. WHOA!

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